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marketing professional

Creative marketing professional with over 15 years experience executing

results-oriented communication campaigns.

Exceptionally organized  project leader skilled at copy editing, vendor management, executive briefing, and branded event execution. 

Detail oriented with high technical aptitude. 


Director of Marketing

Yukevich | Cavanaugh,  Los Angeles

2019- present

Marketing Technology Administrator

Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell,  Los Angeles

2016- 2019

Senior Account Supervisor

Stacy Katz Communications,  Los Angeles

2015- 2016

Senior Marketing Consultant

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto

2009- 2014 


Legal Marketing & CRM Specialist

Fasken Martineau LLP, Toronto

2008- 2009

Senior Project Manager

NEWAD Media, Toronto

2007- 2008

Legal Marketing Specialist

K&L Gates LLP, Seattle

2005- 2006

Market Relations Manager

AT&T Wireless, Seattle

1999- 2004



a few brands i've worked with




"Matthew is highly skilled, capable, and possesses the ability to handle multiple projects at a time. In the time that we have worked together, he has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and a solid work ethic with exceptional measurables. Matthew has taken the lead on several vital projects, such as the firm’s website refresh, and each have been completed flawlessly and on schedule. Not only is he meticulous, independent and driven, he has also proven to be reliable, forward thinking and a great team player. Matthew would be a true asset to any company and is an absolute pleasure to work with.​" Meryl Villas

"Matthew was my go-to person for all technology related inquiries and issues. He was always fast to solve any problem...and incredibly resourceful about the technologies and vendors that the firm used. He contributed to many projects that I was directly involved with including our latest website refresh, which Matthew single-handedly oversaw the entire project. He is fun, positive and energetic to work with, definitely a highly valuable addition to any team. I really hope that we will get to work together again in the future." Julie Burlington

"It was truly a pleasure working with Matthew as he always led his team with competence and with a clear direction. Combining marketing initiatives with creativity, he made an environment that was both inspiring and enticing. Brain storming with Matthew was always successful as he worked well with his colleagues to discuss the best possible solution for the business." Brandon Chadee

"He was a wonderful mentor...I have seen him demonstrate leadership, an eagerness to succeed and he takes pride in his work. He is a proactive individual who is full of knowledge and expertise in customer marketing and brand management. Overall, Matthew...would be a great asset to any team." Mara De Girolamo

"...Matthew was the person I would seek whenever a boost of creative inspiration is required to push work forward. ...eager to think outside of the box whenever we hit a roadblock as a team--fully utilizing his rich inventory of knowledge and experience in customer marketing...I'm strongly convinced that if it weren't for Matthew...our team would not have been as successful in turning around most of our quality was my great pleasure to work with Matthew and I believe he would be a delightful addition to any team looking for a new member of high caliber, or to anyone seeking a great mentor... Lisa He

"Due to his flexibility and adaptability, he was promoted quite quickly into new roles. Matthew is a fast learner and easily transitions into new responsibilities. Matthew [was] focused and professional as well as maintained a positive outlook each and every day." Shawna Rae

"Matthew was a terrific addition to the marketing and business development team at K&L Gates...he was able to master projects and accomplish a great deal with limited oversight. He is conscientious and creative and a lot of fun. I hope we have to opportunity to work together in the future." Margaret Foley

"Matthew is pleasure to work with. He not only excels administratively, he also performs well in field as a Manager and adapts to new situations smoothly and quickly. He successfully integrated his own experience with NEWAD’s structure and culture. Matthew demonstrates great efficiency, leadership and eagerness to succeed." -Heather Cuthbertson




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